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was found near the Matanga Hill. The city of Vijayanagara was
built ; and all the country which acknowledged the sway of the
Ballalas   was   subjugated.    The   brothers  went ahunting  to
inegondi by the sideof which flows the river Tungabhadra,
where they saw  hares pursuing  their  hounds,  Vidyaranya,
who believed that the place engendered  heroism, resolved
to   build     a  city thereon, laid the foundations of Vijaja-
nagara on   Sunday,   Vaisakha su 7   Makha,   of   the   year
Shatu,    corresponding   to   E^S. H258,   By    the    command
of    Bharai5kr§nat!rtha,    Jakkanacarya    built    the    temple
of    Vidyasaikara    in   6. S.    1268,    (AJX   1341).    Vidya-
raijya   SiTpada devised the same yanira for !§rngeri   as well
as Vijayanagara.   Before Tth^. coronation of Harihara Maha-
rayaj Vidjaranja seated hinaself upon the throne^and received
3rom him with libations ofjrater a gift of a lakh and a quarter*
territory both above and below tne U-hateTni the kingdom of^
, wliich he h^d^btamed (from the^Suljban), for

maintenance onEeHM[atha7~and  tSe^jpJioultry at^ Sgngeri^ as
^11 as the agrahSra and the Paramaliamsa'^chouLtry. Seating*
Harihara on tEe^throne, Vidyaranya next performed his pat-
fibki^eka.   He invested him  with the insignia  of royalty and
entrusted to htm the pearl crown and the pearl throne.   The
Bay* then seated Vidyaranya J§rfpada in the pearl chamber of
audience, and having shown much reverential regard to him,
he said that the Snpada should continue to enjoy his titles
and privileges as before.   He presented to him a pearl tiara, a
pearl settle and golden slippers.    Vidyaranya  was pleased by
the attentions of his royal disciple ; and he caused a shower of
gold to fall for 3| yhadis in the city of Vijayanagara by the
exercise of the gkatftasiddki which he had obtained from the
*ge Vyasa. All the gold that fell within the houses belonged to
fo&fc owners ; and the remainder was collected and deposited
in the royal treasury.   Vidyaranya bestowed upon the Eaya
the titles of ^m&fo3jadMrajat Paramesvara, Apratimapratapa
and F*r«  Xarapaii, and presented to him the seal ring on
wfcirfi like legend * grj Y^pSk^   was engraved.   The Raya
granted   land for carrying on  the services in the temples